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The Durham County Women’s Commission organizes itself into several subcommittees, which either align to outstanding tasks that the Commission needs to execute in order to remain on course, or aligns to fiscal year focus and objectives. The subcommittees mentioned are as follows:

The Communications Subcommittee - the Communications Subcommittee is a year over year committee that is always inclusive of the Secretary of the Commission and is in charge of social media, events, and general community outreach.

The Steering Subcommittee - The Steering Subcommittee is also a year over year committee that joins every County Commissioners meeting in order to keep the Women’s Commission abreast of what is happening with local legislation and is meant to also inspire upcoming initiatives to align to community priorities.

The Black Maternal Health Subcommittee - a subcommittee started back in 2019, the Black Maternal Health committee aligns itself to fiscal year focus and objectives. While legislation is the goal of this committee, community events and outreach are also a priority.

The Social Justice Subcommittee - This subcommittee was formed in 2020 to respond to the social justice movement that arose that year. The idea is to form alliances and partnerships with local nonprofits and social justice organizations in order to create positive change such as diverse hiring practices in Durham County and legislation that meets community needs in  response to racial justice.

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