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Ruebe Holmes

Chair, Durham Women's Commission (Term 2015-2024)

I JOINED help advocate for women and children in Durham, especially those that have experienced homelessness and food insecurity. The Durham County Women's Commission has been an incredible avenue to help advocate for many of the issues that affect women and children and also provide research, knowledge and information to the Durham community. 

Vivian - TiffaniReevesHeadshot 2021.png

Tiffani Reeves

Vice-Chair, Durham Women's Commission  (Term 2020-2023)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I strongly believe that community isn’t just where you live, but the actions you take. Community is a verb. As a result, I am dedicated to building stronger, healthier, and more equitable communities through service. The Durham County Women's Commission offers an opportunity to advocate for women's issues, identify and amplify resources and to work collaboratively with the community to implement change effectively. 




Patrice High - Durham Women's Commission

Patrice High

Secretary, Durham Women's Commission

(Term 2020-2022)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I wanted to become more involved with women's issues in Durham.


SaKoyra Bullock

Treasurer, Durham Women's Commission

(Term 2022-2025)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I wanted to become more involved with women's issues in Durham.

Cynthia Bland - Durham Women's Commissio

Cynthia Bland

Commissioner (Term 2019-2023)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I love Durham and know that we have a great community. It can be even better if we allow women the opportunities to shine by being healthy, empowered, and engaged. I wanted to learn more about issues that affect women in our community and lend my talents to help in areas that are new to me. This board has an amazing membership and I am excited to work with women who are experts in their fields and volunteer their time. I thought I knew about the challenges facing women in North Carolina, but have learned so much in the past year. Through listening, learning, reflecting, sharing, and giving my time, I know that we can all improve the lives of women, girls, and all North Carolinians.

Jenny Gomez - Vice Chair of Durham Women's Commission.jpeg

Jenny Gomez

Commissioner (Term 2019-2022)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I wanted to elevate the women in Durham County and raise awareness for issues and challenges that the community might not be aware of. Also, to support the community by creating dynamic events and opportunities in order to make the community stronger and more supportive for its constituents.

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Tiffany Foster

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)



Brittani Clark

Commissioner (Term 2021-2024)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE... I felt it pertinent to be a part of an entity that amplified women's issues in the community. As a longtime resident of Durham, I wanted to support the phenomenal work that DCWC is already engaged in and further taking on matters that impact women, especially Black women. 





Kate Shirah


Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)



Vanessa Safie

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)


Tamika McRae - Durham Women's Commission

Tamika Mcrae

Commissioner (Term 2017-2021)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I am passionate about helping women. DCWC shared a lot of the same values along with the work that I already do with my organization and I wanted to be able to help make a difference and get involved in my community.


Roberta Price

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)


Courtney Kelly

Commissioner (Term 2020-2023)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I desired to be more involved and knowledgeable of women’s issues in Durham. I’m a Durham native and passionate about change in my community. During my commission term, I hope to uphold DCWC’s mission by improving the lives of and opportunities for all women in Durham. My interests are achieving health equity in marginalized communities and I hope to continue this work with the commission. Women are shaping the future!


Margaret Cox

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)


Ashley Marshall headshot - Ashley Marshall.jpg

Ashley Marshall

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...when women are healthy, then the whole community thrives! As a longtime resident of Durham, serving on the Durham County Women’s Commission allows me the opportunity to amplify, support, and lead initiatives that support and build the capacity of women and girls in Durham County.

Catherine Woyee CLC Speaker Headshot  - Catherine Woyee.jpg

Catherine Woyee

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE...I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much. During the Liberian civil war in the 1990s, I migrated to Durham, and I credit the phenomenal women of Durham with assisting my family and myself in assimilating into the Durham community. Living in Durham has given me a deeper awareness and knowledge of the enormous impact that women have on creating and maintaining a safe and equitable community for Durham's families, women, and girls. I wish to make a difference in the Durham community by addressing issues of systemic inequity affecting women and girls.


Rheda Denning

Commissioner (Term 2022-2025)

I JOINED DCWC BECAUSE... as a young black woman, I  believe that representation matters. More so, with this opportunity, I hope to inspire and elevate a diverse group of young women.

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